Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Beginning...

So I finally decided to "give in" and start my own blog since so many of my amazing mommy friends have them. I have really enjoyed reading their thoughts, and while I have so many of own opinions and ideas while reading them I figure I should have my own. So here I go...

*sigh* Yes. If you haven't heard yet, we are moving to Springfield, VA for 9 months and then moving to Richmond for 4-5 years. That's as much as we know now. Which is probably enough, however, I am one to want to know exactly what's going on, where I'll be, so I can plan, plan, plan. Who knows what the future holds after that.

I suppose the only time I will be able to jot down these thoughts is when Cait naps, which I'm never sure how long that will be these days. I plan for this to be a stream of consciousness style of writing so forgive me if I jump around. That's how my mind works. Plus, this will be somewhat therapeutic for me as well. I often have too many thoughts running through my mind so at least I can get some of it down.

I suppose it would be appropriate to write about being a first time mom eh? I always knew it would be hard, I mean really hard, and yet I still can't say I was prepared for it to be this hard. I've always been one to be involved in everything, out doing things with different people constantly, and yet I find most of my days sitting around watching old episodes of LOST. I know, kinda sad eh? I've kinda gotten in a slump or pattern if you will of this, simply because well, it's easier with Caitlyn. While it may not seem that difficult, the thought of loading her up, packing a million things, making sure Sarge is taken care of, not to mention myself, up and down the stairs a few times just to get everything in the's exhausting. It's easier to just eat, nap, read, and the house. Hopefully I will get out of this slump soon, because I know it's not good for me or's like I'm anxiously waiting for us to move...

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! You will soon probably become addicted as I am and have a thousand thoughts you want to start typing into the world wide web.
    I'm glad you started this because then it'll be easier to keep up to speed with how things are going with you guys in VA. I didn't realize it was 4-5 yrs after your 1st yr!!! :-\ We'll miss you guys!