Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Wow, so Jimmy and my Dad just left for the long drive and Mom, Cait and I are flying up Saturday morning! I must say, I am really excited to see where we're living! I've seen pictures online but it will be fun to make a place least for 9 months, then we'll move to Richmond. Ugh, hate moving. It is supposed to be beautiful up there and there is so much to do. Jimmy insists on going to a different museum every Sunday. Lots to see for little Cait. It will definitely be different for me not having my parents around to hang out with. Mostly my Mom, since I see her like every other day, if not every day. She really is my best friend. Other than Jimmy of course. That comfort won't be there, but in a way it will be like being in Gainesville again, which I loved. I missed my family, but yet thrived away from them...if that makes sense. I was forced to depend on only myself and I did pretty well at it. Now, Jimmy and I will have the real test of solely depending on one another for literally everything. I think we will only grow closer. More later...

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  1. We will miss you! I know what you mean about depending solely on each other. You'll figure it out. I hate that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye but at least there's Facebook! Safe travels!